Jun 18, 2016

3C Toolbox Pro 1.7.7 Apk

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3C Toolbox Pro v1.7.7 Apk
Requirements: 2.3 and up
Overview: aka “Android Tuner Pro”
The most comprehensive toolbox to save battery, tweak, tune, backup, secure and monitor any Android devices running any ROMs, any kernels (from Android 2.3 up-to Android L).

☺ Replaces 20+ applications effectively worth 30€ or more ☺

☺ Getting started: http://www.3c71.com/getstarted

☺ App screenshots: http://www.3c71.com/screenshots

☺ App benchmarks: http://www.3c71.com/benchmarks

☺ Best on established telephones, functions admirably on stock telephones as well

◊ Permissions asked for: http://www.3c71.com/authorizations

◊ Open-source APIs utilized: http://www.3c71.com/opensource

♦♦ Feature set (some require root access, attempt free form first) ♦♦

► Device supervisor *1

◊ Device profiles (CPU, IO, parts)

◊ Tasks scheduler (application administration, tidy up, and so on)

◊ Device watchers to naturally enact a profile, run errands or showcase cautions

◊ Battery reserve funds utilizing profiles and undertakings

► File pioneer *1

◊ Batch duplicate/glue, compress, erase, move, share and stream documents and envelopes

◊ Change documents/envelopes authorizations and proprietorship

◊ Access all your Samba system offers

► Application director *1

◊ Backup and check application apk/information (different adaptations), sms and call-logs

◊ System application uninstaller and overhaul more clean

◊ Share and reinforcement applications to email, DropBox, GDrive, and so on…

◊ Move any applications to client, framework, SD or link2SD

◊ Freeze/unfreeze applications, take shape (eg rest/greenify) and control application startup and occasions

◊ Zip adjust, clear store, wipe dalvik-reserve, fix consents and advance databases

◊ Control application warnings, consents, locker (secure access), pivot and drive screen-on *2

◊ Usage and standby measurements (find application depleting your battery)

► Network chief

◊ Set WiFi access point need

◊ Configure Android firewall, TCP Congestion, DNS *1

► Task supervisor

◊ Check CPU, system and memory use

◊ Kill (default) or drive stop *1 any applications or part forms

◊ Automatic errand executioner, memory sponsor, memory more clean

► System Control *1

◊ CPU senator, recurrence, voltage, GPU controls, warm and MPDecision controls

◊ Build.prop and sysctl editorial manager (fundamental and propelled mode)

◊ Boost, break down and benchmark SD cards

◊ Android memory supervisor, memory cleaner, SD linker (index cover)

◊ fsync, sweep2wake, gamma and quick charge control

◊ Safe: reestablish defaults from application or recuperation and CPU settings on boot-circle

► System Monitoring

◊ All Android applications or all procedures, battery, CPU, system, memory

◊ Component states (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Phone, APN)

► Status bar notices

◊ Battery, cpu, memory, sd, temperature alternatively with illustrations in drop-down

◊ Add battery remaining bar on top or base

◊ Remove unique battery symbol

► Highly Configurable Widgets

◊ Resizable gage gadget

◊ 1×1 and 2×1 (PRO ONLY) message gadgets

◊ 2×1-5×2 realistic gadgets (PRO ONLY)

◊ 1×1 and 4×1-1×4 (PRO ONLY) flip gadgets *1

◊ 4×4 synopsis gadget (PRO ONLY)

► System Toggles (manual gadgets or in profiles)

◊ GPS, WiFi confinement

◊ WiFi, BT, BT discoverable, APN, NFC, plane

◊ Tethering (USB, WiFi, BT)

◊ Brightness, screen time-out, stay wakeful, electric lamp

◊ Ringer, vibrate, synchro, foundation information

◊ Debug (over WiFi), obscure sources, USB stockpiling, reboot

► Terminal Emulator and Script Editor

◊ Command history

◊ Run or test any scripts, alternatively on boot

◊ Share scripts, charges and yields

► System Logs Reader *1

◊ Logcat or bit messages

◊ Advanced sifting and pursuit

what’s more, substantially more that meets the eye ☺

*1 Requires root and piece support for full element

*2 Requires root and Xposed structure

Alert: Rooting and root brushing your cell phone can bargain its execution or cause glitches.



Enhance errand administrator execution on Android 5.x and beneath

Enhance warning disabler execution

Fix application details access on Android KitKat

Fix build.prop not continually stacking

Fix application administration fizzling on couple of gadgets

This application has no ads.

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