ApkModifier v3.2 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: ApkModifier is a new generation of Apk editing software!

We as a whole utilized Luo Mao wood apk supervisor bar, about eight years prior started to distribute, around then, his Apk manager can be depicted as novel. I was as yet his client, his apk proofreader interface can be portrayed as exemplary, now still need to utilize a nostalgic inclination.

Notwithstanding, ApkEditor appears to have been not able alter the present programming, and many open blunder, don’t bolster Andrews 5.0 or above, for which I made a product interface is basic, capable than ApkEditor.

This product have extremely smal estimate, can be portrayed as “sparrow is little, completely prepared”, the product does not have any installment work, every one of the reasons for existing are intrigued.


1. Record director capacities (duplicate, cut, glue, erase, rename)

2. Compress chief, in the open packed record, you can move to the interior documents, adjust, and no affirmation is not spared.

3. Mark Apk

4. so library record image name manager (can alter the image name in along these lines, however can guarantee that the image name of the hash table is legitimately repaired, on the off chance that you need to clone an apk, if the bundle has a so-so bundle name, which Played a part)

5. Zipalign compacted parcel byte arrangement

6. Apk concurrence

7. Res asset record perplexity (regardless of whether to see the QQ bundle inside the document and found no res envelope, just r organizer, actually, he is utilizing a comparable encryption)

8. Decompile and order back Dex record (telephone side apktool can, yet the establishment bundle is expansive)

9. Apk records and pictures can indicate thumbnails

10.arsc, dex, xml String consistent altering



1. improve the speed of

interpretation of Google 2. interpretation of the interpretation of this page alternatives

3. some other memory advancement

This application has no notices.