Grace UX Dark CM13 / 12.x v1.0.8 Apk
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Grace UX the new layer of samsung now for theme engine by Cynogen
Turn your phone to the appearance of the new Galaxy Note 7 in Dark version
It contains all stock apps themed, 1000 icons
Boot animation, sounds, fonts, wallpapers, and more.

This Theme take a shot at CM13/12.1/12

What’s more, different roms with backing for subjects by Cyanogen

Topic Engine

* Framework (holo/material)

* Audio fx

* Browser

* Calculator (aosp/google)

* Calendar

* Camera (aosp/cyngn)

* Contacts (aosp/google)

* Dialer (aosp/cyngn/google)

* DocumentsUI (downloads)

* File director

* Gallery (aosp/cyngn)

* Email

* Keyboard holo white (aosp/google)

* Launcher (cyngnmod/google)

* Lock screen

* Lock clock (gadget climate)

* Messenger (aosp/google)

* Music (eleven)

* Quick settings

* Settings

* Sound recorder

* Status bar

* Themes

* Theme store

* Updater

* Boxer date-book

* Boxer email

* Google interpret

* Google settings

* Google look

* Hangouts

* Nova launcher

* Whatsapp


New symbol base dim

Settled white foundation playlist in music

This application has no commercials.

Google Play Link: