Feb 20, 2016

Immersive Full Screen Mode v1.11.3 Apk

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Immersive Full Screen Mode v1.11.3 Apk
Requirements: 4.4 +
Overview: This tool can enter and leave the new Immersive Mode so that you can take advantage of every pixel on your screen. This will thus hide the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Get in the all new KitKat Immersive Mode. Get complete display on any type of application.
CRUCIAL: as a result of an Android restriction, the keyboard will certainly not work while in immersive mode.
This device could enter as well as leave the new Immersive Method to ensure that you can make the most of every pixel on your screen. This will therefore conceal the navigating bar at the end of the screen.
* Enter as well as leave immersive mode from levels
* Enter and leave immersive method from the notice location
* Decide to also conceal the condition bar on top
* Can automatically go into immersive method on chosen applications
* Has a blacklist for applications that you rather never have in immersive method
* Public intents
– be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION _ ENTER_IMMERSIVEMODE.
– be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION _ LEAVE_IMMERSIVEMODE.
– be.ppareit.immersivemode.ACTION _ TOGGLE_IMMERSIVEMODE.
are readily available, as an example to manuscript some action.
Understood problems:.
* Key-board just operates in particular cases. It might be had to exit immersive mode for certain applications to make use of the keyboard. This is a safety attribute of android.
* Some applications cannot take care of switching to immersive method. Those applications don’t comply with the typical style standards of android. Mostly games have this issue.
For any sort of inquiries or feature requests, speak to the developer.

What’s New.
Thanks for using Immersive Mode.
Version 1.11.3 (28/12/2015).
* Improve autoenter/blacklist of google apps (now, search, launcher).

This application has no ads.

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