Apr 17, 2016

Material Black Theme CM13 v1.5 Apk

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Material Black Theme CM13 v1.5 Apk
Requirements: 5.0 +
Overview: This theme blacks out many elements of Android without compromising Stock Material Design.
It’s perfect for AMOLED devices, saves battery life and reduces eye-strain.

Themed elements:
* SystemUI:
-Statusbar/Quick Settings
* Setups.
* CM/Google/AOSP Dialer.
* Contacts.
* Message.
* DocumentsUI/Downloads.
* AOSP Keyboard.
* Gallery.
* Calculator.
* Eleven Music.
* AudioFX.
* Play Shop.
* Play Music.
* Now/Search.
* CENTIMETERS Data Supervisor.
* CM Trebuchet Launcher.
* CM Style Manager.
* A lot more … This app has no advertising campaigns.

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