Sep 8, 2015

Memory Locker v2.0.5 Premium Apk

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Memory Locker v2.0.5 Premium Apk

Needs: Android 2.1 as well as up
Outline: New use which will definitely resolve complication along with eliminating procedures in Android OS.

Android Operating System commonly gets rid of some features which you really want or prefer to possess functioning. You’ll be actually able to select which objectives you require to cease from being eliminated. As an example launcher, you all know that commonly Android kills your launcher when your memory is actually simply also low, this power can easily lock your launcher and various objectives and all various procedures and also cut down this danger. This power could likewise be actually very valuable for widgets yourself property screen, as an end result of you could secure your widgets after which this avoids all of them from being actually killed.

This utility just manages documents in/ information list as well as furthermore controls oom_adj for all methods through operating receiver. This mix creates your functionalities as well as processes latched in reminiscence. Computer software additionally secures all your applications which you opt for immediately after reboot, therefore you’ll certainly not should latch your functions regularly after every reboot.

Memoirs Locker allows you specified OOM_adj priority for latched purposes coming from -17 to -10.

If You Desired to Hair Or Uncover Your App You Should Click Lock, Out Application Text, Given that It Could Cause A Make Shut For Some Heating and cooling unit Applications!

Don’t contact native.prop data in/ understanding directory and also do not use one more program or script which impacts latching functionalities in memoirs.

What’s New
Boosted OOM_adj priority variety (-17 to 15)
Dealt with simple issues

This application possesses no promotions.

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