Oct 25, 2017

Mock Locations fake GPS path 1.35 Unlocked Apk

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Mock Locations (fake GPS path) v1.35 [Unlocked] Apk
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Mock Locations allows you to fake information about the location of your phone by GPS and network operator.

Ridicule Locations enables you to counterfeit data about the area of your telephone by GPS and system administrator.

You just explore the course on the guide and press the “Go!” to have the greater part of the application on your telephone to give counterfeit data about the area.

This will help in the advancement of utilizations or on the off chance that you need to, nobody knew where you are truly.

Consideration! Before buying the full form of the application check the execution on your gadget. For this reason there is a free time for testing of 24 hours subsequent to introducing the application. Amid this time, you can utilize the excellent highlights (Hide the application utilizing “Shroud Mock Locations”, or move the application to the framework parcel and keep running without setting Allow deride area). Purchase the full form simply in the wake of ensuring that my application works accurately on your gadget.

On gadgets with Root access can utilize the application without a tick “Permit ridicule areas”. (The free form of the application, this capacity is accessible for 24 hours after establishment.)

To do this you have to move the application to the framework parcel. This is most effortlessly done by utilizing “Framework App Converter” program (https://play.google.com/store/applications/deta … converterf).

Simply move the application to the framework parcel can be physically (Using Root Explorer):

On Android 2.3.3 – 4.3: move the document “ru.gavrikov.mocklocations.apk” from the organizer “/information/application” in the envelope “/framework/application” and reboot the gadget.

On Android 4.4 – 4.4.4: move the document “ru.gavrikov.mocklocations.apk” from the organizer “/information/application” in the envelope in the envelope “/framework/priv-application” and reboot the gadget.

Indeed, even you can shroud Mock Locations application take a shot at different applications (for this situation they won’t perceive what is on tick “Permit deride areas”). This should be possible with the assistance of my application Hide Mock Locations (https://play.google.com/store/applications/details?id=ru.gavrikov.hidemocklocations).Attention!!! It works through the Xposed system.

There are times when your bounce directions to the genuine area. This occurs on a few gadgets after the application was exchanged to the framework parcel.

To start with arrangement:

In the setting of the gadget to enter in Location tab and kill area for remote systems. What’s more, utilize the application in zones where there is no genuine GPS flag.

Second arrangement:

Stage 1: Completely erase the application “Taunt Locations” from the gadget.

Stage 2: Re-introduce it from Google Play Market.

Stage 3: The designer settings, empower “Permit ridicule areas”.

Stage 4: Install my application “Conceal Mock Locations” (it works through the Xposed Framework).

Stage 5: Install the Xposed Framework.

Stage 6: Open Xposed. Enact module “Conceal Mock Locations”. Reload this gadget.

Stage 7: Open the application “Shroud Mock Locations”. Look over any application to shroud the setting “Permit ridicule areas”

Stage 8: Close all applications or reboot your gadget.

Stage 9: Use the “Ridicule Locations” application.


– Emulation GPS area and as indicated by the specialist co-op.

– Ability to make a course on streets.

– Ability to set breakpoints and indicate the stay in them.

– Ability to set a variable speed.

– Closed course. (Enables you to fabricate a course for development along a shut way. To do this, lay the course so the begin and end focuses were close.)

– You can utilize the braking before twists. (Settings – > Slows down before the turn)

– You can run the copying area at a certain point.

– You can conceal an application symbol from the status bar. (Settings – > Hide Icon)

Say thanks to Levin Faber and Ben Black for interpretation into German.

Express gratitude toward Luca Boscaini for the Italian interpretation.

What’s New

– Added API for engineers

– Fixed a few bugs

● Paid highlights Unlocked

● No trial Limitation

● Analytics Disabled

This application has no ads.

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