Apr 25, 2016

My Android Tools Pro plus Xposed 0.8 Apk

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My Android Tools Pro v1.2.9.5 plus Xposed v0.8 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+ | ROOT
Overview: Enable / disable activity, service, receiver, provider from any application.

(Note: need origin access).
My android tools (Pro):.
1. enable/disable components(task, service, receiver, company).
★ red: impaired.
★ blue: running presently (merely for support).
2. reveal all running jobs and processes(with pid as well as uid).
3. show the logcat.
4. show/edit the sharedpreferences as well as sqlite database of all applications.
5. enable/disable apps.

(P.S. the icon coms from Sasuke’s Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan).

● Activity: An activity stands for a solitary display with a user interface.

● Fix: A service belongs that runs in the background to do long-running operations or to carry out benefit remote procedures.

● Content providers: A material carrier manages a common collection of application data.Through the content carrier, other applications could inquire or even change the information (if the material provider enables it).

● Broadcast receivers: A program receiver belongs that responds to system-wide program news.

● Discussed Preferences: Store private primitive data in key-value sets.

WHAT ‘S NEW. search in all components. +quick scroller. +include data to data source. +add an alternative to open a handicapped application directly. +clear data/cache. +uninstall app. new design. +show the component info after an app installed. +Russian translation.
1.2.6 upgrade the part of “broadcast receiver”.
1.2.5 +give a choice to see all part info of an app in the component of the “Application”.
1.2.3 +disable application.
1.2.2 +quit procedure.
1.1: +uid.

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