Oct 19, 2015

Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.152 Patched Apk

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Network Monitor Mini Pro v1.0.152 Patched Apk

Guidelines: 2.1+
Overview: Our company like real-time studies. Android perform disappoint network link stats on screen. You do unknown the current net transmission capacity used to ensure upload and download.

This is actually a mini network screen to ensure your phone. That keep an eye on the upload as well as install rate each secondly. This is going to always remain in the corners of your phone’s screen. You may establish the indicator and any edges of the monitor, tailor the shade and also transparency of the indication. By doing this, you can easily enjoy surfing world wide web, much like exactly what you performed in your Personal Computer!(Pro version assistance auto-hide when there is actually no traffic, hide for specific apps and that is actually ad-free)

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* 5.1.1 security remedy
* IIco Everraert (Nederlands)
1.0.146 Resolve to ensure 5.1.1 update, polish (TomoS, unusual)
1.0.143 Lollipop solution
1.0.139 Interface malfunction: ignore any sort of interface
1.0.137 Fix shade, alert bug
1.0.136 Bring in/ export config (WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission), fix FC, imagining bug
* Sight reside connections
* Navigating cabinet
* Chart on alert door
1.0.122 Help android 5/ lollipop exception listing (PACKAGE_USAGE_STATS consent)

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