Jan 24, 2016

No Wakelock v1.3.1 Donation Pack Apk

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No Wakelock v1.3.1 Donation Pack Apk
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Xposed Module is required. It is a tool that reduces app’s battery use by preventing them from using Android wakelocks. It treats apps in a more gentle way thus most of the apps’ background functionality are kept but the battery consumption is largely reduced. Please be reminded that No Wakelock is not a process management tool like Greenify.

Xposed Module is needed. It is a device that decreases application’s battery use by avoiding them from utilizing Android wakelocks. It deals with applications in a more mild way therefore most of the apps’ background capability are kept however the battery intake is largely minimized. Please be advised that No Wakelock is not a procedure management device like Greenify.

* How it works *.

Android permits apps to use partial WAKE_LOCK to keep gadgets awake while screen is off. Nonetheless, this mechanism is frequently abused as some Android programmers presented it right into network related procedures. Actually, network occasions will certainly wake devices up immediately. Excess use of wakelocks is just one of the top reasons why battery drains.

By using No Wakelock, you can have extended battery life without jeopardizing on the capability of apps.

* Kinds of Wakelocks *.

Partial Wakelock: This is the wakelock that avoids your CPU from dropping off to sleep while display is off.

All Various other Wakelocks: This is the wakelock that stops your display from switching off.

Sync Adapters: Sync Adapters can also maintain tools awake. If you do not need synchronization, you could disable it.

* A lot more *.

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Take care of an insect that causes No Wakelock to malfunction on some devices.

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