Dec 27, 2016

Relax Melodies Premium Sleep & Yoga 6.1.1 Apk

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Relax Melodies Premium: Sleep & Yoga v6.1.1 Apk
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Relax Melodies is the LEADER in personalized relaxation and sleep assistance. No more lacking of sleep or insomnia for you! The sleep that you need and want is waiting for you. Relax Melodies and its many features such as high quality white noise sounds, music melodies and complete customizable mixes will help you sleep like never before!

Unwind Melodies is the LEADER in customized unwinding and rest help. Not any more missing of rest or a sleeping disorder for you! The rest that you need and need is sitting tight for you. Unwind Melodies and its many components, for example, amazing repetitive sound, music tunes and finish adjustable blends will help you rest more than ever!

Here’s the means by which it works :

1. Make a rest blend by selecting sounds and music that you like.

2. Slip actually into a casual state or a profound sleep…!

3. Wakeful, feel invigorated and more joyful

4. Do it once more, at whatever time!

Utilize it likewise in numerous other circumstance, for example, while working out, amid your yoga reflection sessions, while rubbing, amid a brisk rest or even to help your infant nod off quicker!

Join a great many clients who have reported resting better. It’s an ideal opportunity to get back the rest that you merit!

Tell us how it functioned for you!


✓ 94 Outstanding astounding surrounding sounds, including 6 binaural beats frequencies for brainwave entrainment.

✓ Background bolster. Unwind while utilizing different applications!

✓ Mix your most loved sounds and music together with various volumes to make your very own songs. Make practically interminable potential outcomes! A large number of approach to nod off!

✓ Include 9 off the rack top picks for simple startup

✓ Create, Save, Name, Sort and Replay your top picks effortlessly

✓ Clock show with shine change and 3 unique topics

✓ Timer framework to set a length to your most loved blends. Perfect when will rest.

✓ Enjoy an one of a kind and lovely interface for a simple choice of sounds


♬ River Ocean ♬ Winds ♬ Flute ♬ Rain ♬ Birds ♬ Music Box ♬ Lounge ♬ Piano ♬ Orchestral ♬ Waterfall ♬ Thunder ♬ Zen ♬ Campfire ♬ Melody ♬ Night ♬ Brown Noise ♬ Pink Noise ♬ White Noise ♬ Heart Beat ♬ Astral ♬ Fountain ♬ Train ♬ Tribal ♬ India ♬ Urban Rain ♬ Cavern ♬ Wind Chimes ♬ Sailing ♬ Voices ♬ Watching ♬ Bass Music ♬ Cold Rattle ♬ Chirp ♬ Drum ♬ Storm ♬ Flute ♬ Choir ♬ Sunny Day ♬ Guitar ♬ Dramatic ♬ Butterfly ♬ Medieval ♬ Earth Drama ♬ Dreams ♬ Wind Surge ♬ Forest ♬ Abstract ♬ Spring ♬ Toskana ♬ City ♬ Sprinkler ♬ Slow Waves ♬ Light Rain ♬ Heavy Rain ♬ Rainy Day ♬ Whales ♬ Seagulls ♬ Afternoon ♬ Rainstorm ♬ Underwater ♬ Whales 2 ♬ Immersed ♬ Seaside ♬ Icy Snow ♬ Forest Rain ♬ Rain on Roof ♬ Duduk ♬ Playground ♬ Owls ♬ Humming ♬ Grandfather Clock ♬ Cat Purring ♬ BaliMist ♬ Frogs ♬ Dryer ♬ Thunder Storm ♬ City Ambiance ♬ Indian Drums ♬ Pachelbel Canon ♬ Wolf ♬ FogHorn ♬ Vacuum ♬ Loon ♬ Keyboard ♬ MonkChant ♬ Oscillating Fan ♬ Womb


I experience the ill effects of a sleeping disorder and this helps me nod off rapidly and rest soundly as the night progressed – Melody

Much obliged.. Helps me unwind to nod off. Glad rest. :- ) – pflora

I utilize it each and every time that I can’t rest and this App works wonder . It truly works and I adore it 🙂 Better than dozing pills – ValerieSanchez16

What a decent approach to unwind… I am ready to make my own little solid formulas for profound rest, quiet atmosphere amid contemplation/yoga, focus… and so forth – Mamalo


Unwind Melodies is THE application for the most customized rest encounter that you can have. Inside a couple taps, make the correct sound that resounds flawlessly with you. The capacity to browsed background noise sounds and binaural beats gives you add up to control for an interesting and individual experience.

It’s sitting tight for you. Download it now and get to be distinctly one of the casual clients of Relax Melodies!

What’s New

This redesign truly concentrates on devices to help you rest better

– New reflection programs

– Also incorporates some strength and execution improvements and some bug fixes

Positive surveys and input help us a great deal. Try not to waver to get in touch with us in the More area for criticism or support!

This application has no promotions.

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