Feb 11, 2018

Shadow Battle Warriors Super Hero Legend 1.5.8 Mod Apk

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Shadow Battle Warriors : Super Hero Legend v1.5.8 Mod Apk
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Overview: Dragon Shadow Warriors Battle: Super Hero Of Legends 2 – The popular VS fighting game on Google Play and Android device.

Turn into a Ultimate Superheroes and battle again other shadow warriors and superman in Manga, funnies and film. Appreciate an epic fight where you can gather and pick numerous renowned saints thoroughly FREE! Open them and select a warrior for yourself, redesign your saint capacity and fortify him.

Here, you can perform different astounding and intense aptitudes. You will battle in acclaimed combat zone, fight camp, fight city. On the off chance that you cherish both hand to hand fighting and non-scifi expertise you would love this diversion! Cause every legend has both scuffle ability framework and rocket expertise framework.


– Incredible 2D designs with smooth movements, impression impacts , HD sound.

– Collect, redesign, elvove numerous superheroes.

– Various ability frameworks for every legend.

– Enemies and supervisors with incredible AI ( Artificial insight)

– 2 Mode to pick : History Mode, Challenge Mode.

– Combat in 10 differrent situations.

*** CHARATER SYSTEM: They are mythical serpent warriors: Full ability beginning to end ***

– Son-kuh: goku versus ability kamehameha

+ Normal ability : Little with kung fu “Kai” Energyball.

+ Intermediate ability: Great “Kai” Energy ball from sky.

+ Ultimate ability: astonishing Kame – blow foe with “KAI” vitality.

+ Melee ability : Perform astounding hand to hand fighting – Combine shadow punch and shadow kick.

– Vegetable: vegeta super saiyan

+ Normal aptitude : One Finger Energy

+ Intermediate aptitude: Final impact.

+ Ultimate aptitude: hundred of Energyball will devastate adversary !

+ Melee aptitude : kungfu warrior of saiyan.

– Summoner :

+ Normal Skill : Summon 6 shadow ball and shoot foe

+ Intermediate aptitude: Summon a nine-tail Fox.

+ Ultimate aptitude: Summon a Great nine-tail Fox with stunning force.

+ Melee aptitude : Throw Shuriken and perform proceeds with kick of ninja shadow.

– Power Man:

+ Normal Skill : radiate sun based vitality from his eyes.

+ Intermediate aptitude: Summon Energy segment from sky to consume adversary

+ Ultimate aptitude: Teleport and Attack from the sky.

+ Melee Skill : Shadow Punch.

– Wade:

+ Normal Skill : Fire rocket

+ Intermediate aptitude: Fire numerous rockets.

+ Ultimate ability: Fire numerous and numerous rockets.

+ Melee Skill : consolidate Kick, punch, sharp edge !

– Luciffy :

+ Normal Skill : extend hand and punch foe

+ Intermediate ability: shoot water

+ Ultimate ability: Scale hand and punch foe

+ Melee Skill : consolidate Kick , punch with long hands, long legs.

– Angry Monkey :

+ Normal Skill : Shoot ice expertise

+ Intermediate expertise: Shoot meteor.

+ Ultimate expertise: Shoot purple air ability

+ Melee Skill : join Kick , punch, and extraordinary cutting edge.

– Wayne:

+ Normal Skill : Shoot ice expertise

+ Intermediate expertise: Shoot meteor.

+ Ultimate expertise: Shoot purple air ability

+ Melee Skill : join Kick , punch.

– Ororo:

+ Normal Skill : Shoot Energy line.

+ Intermediate expertise: Shoot 3 Energy Ball.

+ Ultimate expertise: Shoot 5 Energy Ball.

+ Melee Skill : punch

– Wayne:

+ Normal Skill : toss Hidden weapon.

+ Intermediate expertise: shoot 2 fire rockets from sky.

+ Ultimate expertise: Bat Dark Cloud.

+ Melee Skill : Perform 2 hands kick.

– The man of equity:

+ Normal Skill : toss bug catching network

+ Intermediate expertise: summon an extraordinary bug

+ Ultimate expertise: summon a more prominent creepy crawly

+ Melee Skill : shoot bug catching network and kick

* Featured in future:

– Create your our class of legend to beat different saints gathering and spare the world.

* This amusement is so astounding so you shouldn’t play diversion 2 or 3 hours/day to keep your wellbeing.

* In amusement , have a blood scenes and savagery. You might need to keep away it from your children , more youthful young men and young ladies. Indeed, even outrage men shouldn’t likewise play it .

Let pick the most grounded saint and beat all foe with your ability!

We should download amusement and begin battle, join the fight with Shadow Warriors Battle: Super Hero Legend NOW!


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Fix compensate video

– Fix bugs

– Improve client encounter


0 open cost

Free update ( Dont mind the cost simply redesign it 😉 )

Introduce steps:

1. Evacuate playstore adaptation

2. Introduce mod APK

3. Appreciate

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