Nov 6, 2016

SoundAbout Pro Unlocked Apk

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SoundAbout Pro v2.6.8.8 [Unlocked] Apk
Requirements: 2.1+
Overview: Route the media audio to (Built-In speaker, Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Earpiece, Aux Digital(HDMI), Bluetooth(A2DP), Bluetooth(mono), Bluetooth(mono)(dynamic), Dock(Analog), Dock(Digital)).

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Full Feature List at list

(A few yields are empowered for the PRO VERSION as it were)

Course the telephone call sound to (Built in Earpiece, External speaker, Bluetooth (mono), Wired Headphones, Wired Headset (with mic), Dock (Analog), Dock (Digital)

Telephone call sound to Bluetoth A2DP(media) NOT permitted in Android.

Report Callers Names (Caller ID) when they call (needs contact list)

Turn Notifications and Ringtones on and off contingent upon the sound yield being utilized.

Send Text-To-Speech sound to different yields with/without postponements:

Wired Headset identification – ALLOW or IGNORE the earphone/headset connect to/out location.

Wired Headset receiver – DETECT or IGNORE that a headset has a mouthpiece when connected to.

Send sound to Bluetooth headsets and your auto’s Bluetooth association.

What’s New

RESTART telephone in the wake of introducing.

Alter Vibrate/Silent/Normal after telephone call

Aux Digital attachment/un-plug music settings

Statusbar Notification decipherable from different applications

Settled issues with sound going to telephone speaker.

Settled issues with sound going to yield when telephone call set to vibrate.

Included default volume settings while associating Bluetooth A2DP

Included new default volume settings when connecting to wired headset

More established discharge notes at:

This application has no notices.

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