Dec 12, 2015

Speed Logger v1.0.5 patched Apk

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Speed Logger v1.0.5 patched Apk
Guidelines: 2.2 and up
Review: Ever wish to learn how rapid you were taking a trip or exactly how numerous G-forces you came across while carrying out a certain endeavor? This application will tape-record your GENERAL PRACTITIONER rate as well as your velocity and plot it in a chart.

– – Recording of acceleration(accelerometer) data
– – Audio of GPS speed – Recording of elevation
– – Estimation of upright rate (think snow skiing)
– – Calculation of your air time/jump proximity
– – Computation of your turn radius
– – Graph sight – Table sight
Beginning this application, put that in your wallet, after that go would one thing impressive. Instances feature: snow skiing, snowboarding, roller rollercoasters, bicycling, generating, speeding, running, gymnastics, essentially, everything where you experience some unusual speed or velocity that you would like to record.
You might be actually pondering, would this app really record data concerning when you blow up a leap? And the response is yes. This in fact advises you for how long you impended and also offers you an estimate on how far you proceeded.
Also, for endeavors where you make strict turns, (biking, snow skiing, taking flight), this app will definitely provide you a general estimate concerning the span of the turn that you created.
This app has 50 velocity readings each second and also a gps learneding about every next. This permits you to map out exciting components like weightlessness and also sudden impacts or even touchdowns.
Therefore, if you ever really want to know merely how quickly you were going or just how much pressure you endured, experiment with this application!
Exactly what is actually New
– – You can easily presently mount this application on your SD Memory card
– – Possibly dealt with a bunch of troop shuts
– – Brought in higher marker on graphs
– – Brought in division for certain chart kinds
– – Raised minimum turn radius velocity to 1.2 g
– – Fixed an issue along with android 4.0+ (food selection button)
– – Dealt with leap span v1.0.1

– – Export information as spreadsheet
– – Currently requires Android 2.2+ (first update in fact did as well)
– – Taken care of a bunch of glitches

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