Mar 12, 2016

SuperSU Me Pro v9.3.6 Patched Apk

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SuperSU Me Pro v9.3.6 Patched Apk
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: (KingRoot 4.1 users, install this AFTER you have rooted with KingRoot !!)
(Kingo Root users / KingRoot 4.5 users just install it and run it).

Individuals, please leave a review so I could obtain a feeling of how the program is working. If I ask you to email me as well as you do not, do not grumble concerning it not working for you. I will deal with you to solve the concern.

So regrettably the rooting methods offered to most Android customers has lessened gradually. Fortunately there are some good rooting programs readily available though. Among these is Kingroot. While it excels at doing exactly what it is meant to do, we do not understand for certain every one of the information it is collecting and also sending to China. So with all of that stated, this program will remove every one of the Kingroot applications and even associated binaries and mount SuperSU and permit you to upgrade the su binary, etc.

This is the process that you MUST comply with in order for this to be successful prior to KingRoot 4.5:

* Once your device is rooted install this application, do not install it prior !!

If you have temp origin and even are on KingRoot before 4.5 you will certainly should reboot your device first, re-root with KingRoot and then install this application AFTER you are rooted and run it.

If you are on KingRoot 4.5 or higher you need to be prepared to simply mount it and run it any time after origin.


– Please leave a testimonial, I should learn through you
– Tidied up some code
– Phase 2 putting up solution for some tools implemented
– Updated to properly sustain Marshmallow releases
– Kingo root users, on Phase 2 the application might hang, merely force close it and even run it again.
– Yes you will certainly now be motivated for SuperSU to upgrade binaries, just pick Regular.

This application has no promotions.

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