Mar 18, 2018

The Quest 7.0.1 Paid Apk

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The Quest v7.0.1 (Paid) Apk
Requirements: 4.4 +
Overview: The Quest is a beautifully hand-drawn open world role playing game with old school grid-based movement and turn based combat.

Stuck in an unfortunate situation is blending. The legislative head of Freymore is missing and the island is in tumult. The mages all prediction a dim shadow approaching over the wellbeing of the kingdom. As an Agent of the lord, you must discover what is going on and turn away any threat.

Browse five adaptable races and a variety of abilities, weapons, protective layer and charms, and investigate a tremendous universe of four urban communities and a wild of mountains, caverns, lakes and woodlands – brimming with riddle, enchantment and interesting difficulties. Meet the numerous occupants, each with its own plan and disposition towards your character. Some will be useful, some covetous or salacious or out and out mean. You will have numerous options, including some that may put you illegal, along your way to the sensational completion of your own picking.

Key Features:

– Pursue a long and emotional primary story and unravel numerous discretionary side journeys.

– Create a very adaptable character and cast amazing spells, captivate capable things, prepare powerful mixtures and influence individuals to promote your objectives.

– Discover an open world with intriguing districts, day/night cycle, climate, interesting individuals, risky animals, clear books, pick-capable locks, repairable things, houses that can be broken into, cells, traps and considerably more.

– Play a retaining card amusement with three unique decks, available at the hotels.


– Fixed Detect Mind.

[Macha’s Curse]:

– Locked door under the lake now has a lever.

– Fixed Dhiarmid discourse when player has no hides to offer.

– Corrected Fire Demon discourse.

– Added discourse to Finnu about his preparation of repair.

– Cathearn of the Brilliant Deeds’ name abbreviated.

– Added things.

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