Sep 14, 2015

Ulysse Speedometer Pro v1.9.14 Apk

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Ulysse Speedometer Pro v1.9.14 Apk

Needs: Android 2.2+
Overview: Steer safety and security!
Most advanced and intuitive Speedometer as well as vehicle Dash use which helps you steer security.

– Rate Edge DIRECTION FINDER Speedometer
Excessive-accuracy * GPS-based mainly speedometer that is actually discloses true rate of your automobile. And also for every single velocity device you probably can lay out specific person scale differ.
– Most signified pace 1900 km/h/ 1160 mph/ a thousand gatherings
– Elastic Scale.
If rate surges aforementioned existing scale restrain, level restrict will certainly boost.
– Switchboard. Supplies quick shifting for speed objects, switch on HUD and also additional. Faucet to Speedo incrustation to activate it.
– 3 quick way web pages: Software application, Communication, Navigating for whole 36 consumer-outlined program quick ways
– Common Speedometer.
Tap Compass for swap to Frequent Speedometer, prolonged push totally resets Frequent Speedometer for label spanking new measurement
– Speed precautions
You could outline as high as 10 rate restrictions and also power will advise you aesthetically and also with sharp sound once you go over some of them.
Unresponsive to electro-magnetic areas or iron of vehicle.
– GPS Altitude.
Research studies height, measured through mobile phone’s GENERAL PRACTITIONER.
– HUD mode.
Exemplifies the varieties so you probably may put the telephone below your auto’s windshield and also find the speed represented on that in the midnight.
– Handle finder.
Discovers deal with of your current site in manual method (by ask for) or even robotically (trusts out of your switching velocity and also range).
– Common speed calculation.
Regularly calculates frequent shifting rate as well as entire usual speed of absolute quest
– Dashing gauge
Measure and determine time for standard productivity size proximities: zero-one hundred km/h, zero-60 miles per hour as well as for 1/four kilometer.
– Log absolutely different adventure specifications
Show time and also span for present adventure, gathered time and span for all at this time experiences, the other day, last week and also final month
– Entirely various pace and also distance things
Aids miles, kilometers as well as sea-loving kilometers for distance; mph, km/h and also knots for rate.
– Different frontiers environments for km/h as well as miles per hour styles.
You might just change all limits specifying looking at edge of your nation.
– Adjustable UI colour.
You perhaps could define any kind of colour for UI, which inserts finest in your automobile internals.
– Automotive wharf aid.
Electrical repeatedly starts and leaves on docking and also undocking.
– Electric battery status indicator.
Displays existing standing as well as price phase of cellular phone’s battery.
– History method
When set off compared to computer software nonetheless deals with history. All logs keep considering time and also proximity and electrical will certainly notify you while you go over the rate restrict as typical.
– Program rate in Standing up bar
In experience mode energy will definitely offer current pace in Standing bar as well as gives noticeable notification for speed limits! **

* relies upon coming from telephone equipment.
** just in case of device straining practical little lag in knowledge.

Determined limit
– – Journey proximity could possess 2-three % discrepancy coming from motor vehicle’s odometer expertise.

Identify telephone – – for straight round cellular phone dialer from Speedometer

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– Brought in start on predefined Bluetooth unit connection
– Fastened Bluetooth account activation condition
– Vermin solutions

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