Apr 13, 2017

Uret Patcher 2.4 Apk

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Uret Patcher v2.4 Apk
Requirements: Android 4.0+,ROOT,Xposed (Optional)
Overview: Uret Patcher Is An Automated Patching Tool Intended To Break License, InApp, Ads And Other Restrictions Of The Apps.

Uret Patcher Is An Automated Patching Tool Intended To Break License, InApp, Ads And Other Restrictions Of The Apps.

It Includes Custom Patches Based On Per App To Break License, InApp Or Other Restrictions And Also Includes Universal Patch And License Emulation For Apps Which Checks License From Google Play Store, It Is Very Effective.

Uret Patcher Is Coded And Managed Single Handedly By Jasi2169 And All The Patches Are Belonged To And Managed By Jasi2169 Itself, This Tool Doesn’t Break Any Copyrights Of The Apps As It Makes Changes To Those Files Which Are Written By Android System For That App And Does Not Modify Any Application APKs Installed, Their Integrity Stays Untouched As Before So It Is Totally LEGAL!!

PS You Gotta Install The App Yourself,This Tool Does Not Provide You APKs ie. Setups Or Links To PAID Apps Or Apps Which It Includes Patches For,You Gotta Find The Unmodified Or Untouched APKs Of App Yourself!!

As Always You Should Always BUY The App You LIKE And USE Regularly And SUPPORT The DEVELOPMENT!!

Patcher Only Includes Patches For HARD Apps Or Popular Apps,So Don’t Bother Me For Apps Which Are Either Cheap Or Easily Crackable.

<<< !!..HELP..!! >>>

Patcher Has Seven Types Of Patches.

1. Code Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- This Patch Code Of The App,When You Update The App Then Before Updating “Unpatch” The App Otherwise You Will Get Not Installed Error,After Installing You Have To Patch It Again. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

2. Dalvik Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- This Patch Cache Of The App,But You Can Update Easily No Need To Unpatch First But Reinstalling Or Updating Will Remove The Patch So You Have To Patch It Again. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

3. Permit Patch (Xposed Is Required) :- (Run The Application At minimum Once Before Patching) This Patch Google License And InApp Implementation And System Is Hooked,App Will Take Fake Data As “Genuine” Data Like Response From Google Servers.It Is Very Effective,Butt Hurt For App Developers. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

4. Local Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- It Patches Native Codes,Basically For Games. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

5. Spare Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- (Run The Application At slightest Once Before Patching) It Makes Changes In Data. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

6. Snare Patch (Xposed Is Required) :- It Hooks Application Dynamically Makes Changes In It,Again Pain In The ASS For App Developers. (No Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates [Only Patch One Time]).

7. Module Patch (Xposed Not Required) :- Fix System Checks,Some Apps Only Need This But Sometime Hard Protected Apps Need This Along With Other Patches. (Need To Patch Again ie. On Updates).

NOTE :- Patch Can Work On Updates Or Maynot Work On Updates But “Fix” Will Always Work On Version It Is Made For.

In the event that Patcher Do Not Work Or Crashes For You Check Troubleshooting (Patcher > Menu > Troubleshooting) Follow It,If Still It Does Not Work Then Get Logs (Patcher > Menu > Dump Logs) And Send Me All Files On Email (Patcher > Menu > About > Email Me).

This Is Free If You PAID For It You Just Got Screwed !!

Changelogs :-

v2.4 (12/Apr/2017)

!!..Today Uret Patcher Got 6 Months Old, I Can See A Lot Of Progress In Buddy..!!

!!..If You Find Apps Protected With Obfuscators Feel Free To Let Me Know..!!

!!..Thanks For Donations Whoever Did, This Motivates Me To Work On Updates And Innovate Something New..!!

– Join Uret Patcher Google+ Community For Updates, Features Request, Bugs Or Anything Related To UP Google+ Community.


– Uret Patcher Can Be Uploaded To Aptoide Store Now By Anybody No Error Message While Uploading, Thanks Aptoide Team.

– Change The Package Name Of Patcher, At The Moment Package Randomizer Is Not Added If It Get Blacklisted More I Will Add It In Future, So Export Settings From Previous Version And Uninstall It And Then Install This And Import Settings And If You Use Xposed Then Enable Module In It And Then Soft Reboot.

– Added Custom Patches For Rocket Player Unlocker, SuperBeam Pro Unlocker, Real Cricket 16, Hill Climb Racing 2, App Cloner Which Is Protected With DP.

– Rocket Player Unlocker And SuperBeam Pro Unlocker Can Be Downloaded From The Download Option In Patch Menu, Uploaded By Users.

– Updated Patch For Franco Kernel Updater And RAR For Android.

– Updated License Patterns In Universal Patch, N3 Pattern Is Added To Patch Apps Which Uses Libraries To Protect License.

– Now Universal Patch Will Show All Apps With Launch Intent In List And Also Label It Which App Check For License And Which Does Not, You Can Patch Apps Even It Does Not Have License Check Permission.

– Rework Sorting, ‘Introduced Top’ Is Named To ‘Status Top’ And ‘Introduced Bottom’ To ‘Status Bottom’, The ‘Status Top’ In Custom Patch List Will Make ‘Introduced Apps’ Top And In Case Of Universal Patch It Will Make ‘Permit Check Found’ Apps And ‘Google Ads Found’ On Top And Vice Versa In Case Of Status Bottom.

– Now Universal Patch Also Shows If App Has Google Ads Present Or Not.

– Added Patch Pattern To Remove Google Ads From Apps In Universal Patch.

– Fix Time Delay In Loading Of Universal Patch UI.

– Fix Terms Of Use And Storage Selection Pop Up Overlapping On Some Devices On First Start.

– Fixed Force Close On Some Emulators Due To OutOfMemoryException.

– Rework Download Option In Patch Menu, Should Load In Offline Mode.

– Added Search Filter To Filter Custom Patches As Well As Universal Patch Apps List, You Can Filter By App Name Or Package Name.

– Included Google+ Community Link In Find Me.

– Moved Find Me Option To Navigation Menu.

– Downloading Any Unlocker Key From Server With In Patcher Will Save It With Key Name Not UPD Default Name.

– Rework Reboot Feature In Tools.

– Added Cleanup Before Patching To Fix Hang Issue Comes If Patcher Is Interrupted While Patching On Just Previous Run.

– Rework Custom Patches Apps List And Universal Patch Apps List.

– Enhanced License Emulation.

– Updated SDK Check Hook.

– Align Hook And Spoof UI Properly.

– Rework Menu Items, Also Reload Option Is Moved In Menu.

– Added Compile Date Of Patcher As Well As My Avatar In About, Hell Yeah.

– Updated Team Info.

– Minor UI Fixes In Fragments.

– Lots Of Code Refactoring.

– Minor Optimizations And Performance Improvements.

– All Reported Bugs On Email Are Fixed.

– – –

Applications Supported In v2.4

Activity Launcher 3


Assistant IDE For Android

AndFTPPro Key

Summit Launcher


AppMgr Pro III

Application Cloner


Sound Evolution Mobile Studio

Avast Mobile Security

Avira Antivirus Security


Call Recorder License ACR

Call Recorder Skvalex

Cameringo+ Effects Camera


DigiCal Calendar

Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia

EDS Encrypted Data Store

Hoist Brain Training


EX Kernel Manager


Flight Radar Flight Tracker

Drifting Windows Pro

Center Picture Gallery

Franco Kernel Updater

Display Vault

Diversion Killer



Greenify Donation Key

Slope Climb Racing 2

Web Speed Meter

JetAudio Music Player Plus

Jota+ Text Editor

Link2SD Plus Key

Lumosity Brain Training

Mi Band Tools

MultiWindow Commander

MX Player Pro


Next Launcher 3D

Nova Launcher

N7Player Music Player

PicsArt Photo Studio

Poweramp Music Player

RAR For Android

Genuine Cricket 16

Rocket Player Unlocker

ROM Toolbox Pro

Root Call SMS Manager

Carry Music Player

Strong Explorer File Manager

Stellio Music Player

Metro Surfers

SuperBeam Pro Unlocker

Claw For Twitter

Tapet Infinite Wallpapers

Sanctuary Run 2

Textra SMS

Titanium Backup

TouchPal Keyboard

TTorrent Lite

USB Audio Player Pro


Vault Hide SMS, Pics and Videos

Wicap Network Sniffer Pro

ZetaTorrent Pro

What’s more, Universal Patch And License Emulation In Tools.

– – –

From Above Apps Patches, These Below Requires Xpose Else Others Can Be Patched With Root Only :-

Activity Launcher 3

AppMgr Pro III

Application Cloner

Cameringo+ Effects Camera

DigiCal Calendar


Greenify Donation Key

Jota+ Text Editor

Link2SD Plus Key

Mi Band Tools

Poweramp Music Player

Tapet Infinite Wallpapers

– – –

This application has NO commercials.

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