May 16, 2016

YAATA SMS Premium 1.19.10254 Final Apk

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YAATA SMS Premium v1.19.10254 Final Apk
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: YAATA is powerful SMS/MMS app. Its fast, easy to use and fully configurable.

YAATA is affected by the genuine soul of Android. It is a SMS/MMS application that has such a great amount to offer. You can customize and arrange this application to your meaning of the ideal application. YAATA SMS is intense, solid and the pace of the application is on another level. Indeed, even with all the energizing components this application brings to the table the application size is under 3MB. This SMS application is exceptionally easy to understand and satisfies the needs and needs of a definitive nerd to a fundamental learner client.


· Complete Multimedia Support including however not constrained to sending and getting: Pictures, Videos, Audio, VCards, GIFs and YAATA underpins MMS over WiFi for the bearers that need it!

· Delivery Reports for both sms and mms with the choice to spare conveyance time.

· Group Chats

· Send Delay

· Scheduled Message Sending

· Converting sms to mms

· Archiving

· Blacklisting

· Auto forward (Premium)

· Auto responder (Premium)

· Copy and Paste select content

· A plenty of choices when tapping message bubble.

· Backup and reestablish settings

· Tons more to investigate and to be included!!

Brisk Options

· 3 Different desktop gadget styles

· Pin contacts to FAB tab

· Quick create from notice shade (3 most loved contacts)

· Favorite contacts will show up when forming new message.

· Long squeeze connection symbol to embed pictures rapidly.

· And more! In the event that you concoct speedier ways don’t falter offer! 😉


· 3 fast answer styles

· Chat heads: Ability to see over lock screen! With a pack of adjustable and configurable alternatives ( Some choices for visit heads are premium)

· Pop up window: Again, the capacity to see over lock screen with configurable alternatives. (i.e. message limit, pop up size, close after sent and that’s just the beginning)

· A straightforward Dialog window

· Custom Vibrations

· LED hues and capacity to alter squint rate

· Repeat reminds for missed messages

· Changeable Swipe activities in notice shade

· Ability to set notices for non-numeric location and in addition obscure senders.

· Set up how you need to be told when listening to music, in calls, when screen is on and then some!!!

Customization for Individual Contacts

· Notifications

· Ringtones, custom vibrations, brisk answer styles, LED shading and flicker rate, status bar symbol and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

· Look and Feel

· Bubble Color for sent and got, contact symbol and activity bar shading and also message shading and size can be changed for a particular discussion.

· Once again a lot more for you to see with your own eyes!!

Look and Feel

· Themes!!

· Light, Dark, Black, Card based and Random Palette (you can make your own shading palette in cutting edge settings and/or reset hues)

· Create your own subjects with adjustable contact pictures (size, shape, shading… ), text styles (sizes, hues intense alternatives), message bubbles (hues, styles, activity), activity bar shading and the capacity to change foundation hues and discussion list hues are only some approaches to customize YAATA.

· Others…

· Grouping strings by dates on discussion list (Today, Yesterday, Two Days back… )

· Timestamp alternatives

· Filter Option (seek discussion by mms, send, got, dates, content and different ways.

· Alternating foundations to demonstrate diverse days

· Ability to empower or impair swipe activities in discussion list ( swipe to call, quiet, document, erase, answer make talk head)

· Ability to empower or debilitate the alternatives to shroud console when looking over, conceal editorial manager when looking over, close console after send, and so forth.

Application Icon made by Corbin Crutchley

Application portrayal composed by Jocelyn Prescott


FC fixes

Included: Notification settings: Ability turn on straightforward foundation for popup).

This application has no promotions.

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